How To Identify Your Avatar

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This is Rod Santomassimo with the Massimo Minute, and today I’m with an avatar. Yes, from the movie, but let’s discuss a different one, and that’s your customer avatar.

Avatar | Who Are Your Customers or Target Audience?

Defining the Buyer Persona

Who are your ideal target audience or customers? What do they read? Tell me about their family. What motivates them? What are their challenges? Where do they get their information?

You need to know their persona, and then you need to encapsulate that with a title.

Marketing Persona: Sort Them Out

For example, here at the Massimo Group, we have three basic avatars. We have Ned Newbie, we have Peter Plateau, and then there’s Bob Topper. All three are distinct orienters with their own separate issues and challenges, and they all require specific messaging to attract them.

Watch my one-minute talk about avatar your learning:

Today, I challenge you to go out and define your avatar. Create a title and then start crafting some messaging to attract them and secure more meetings. Until next time, this is Rod Santomassimo with the Massimo Minute.

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