3 Things We Should be Thankful for in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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Let’s face it; things haven’t been all positive over the past month, quarter or year. But that has more to do with politics than that of our actual everyday lives.

During Thanksgiving, most of us will be fortunate enough to sit at a big table with family and/or friends and share an amazing feast. Most of us will be watching a football game. Some of us may play a little football in the backyard, only to realize we are too old to be playing football.

Regardless of what we eat, where we go and who we go with, as commercial real estate professionals, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Here are just three of a long list of attractors that we all have access to in the commercial real estate industry.

We are independent contractors.

At least most of us are; thus, there are no restrictions on our individual earnings. We are part of the You Economy. We are the boss, we are management, and we, for the most part, make the rules. There is nothing holding us back from our personal definition of success. (If you are not there yet, don’t worry, all you must do is change what you are doing. You have the power to make this change.)

There are no barriers to your chosen CRE focus.

Let’s face it, even if you are a leasing specialist this year, you can refocus your efforts to investment sales next year. Will it be easy – no! Will it be possible – certainly. Now, most consistent and higher earning commercial real estate professionals specialize in one area; however, there is always the opportunity for anyone to change focus. If retail assets were not transacting this year, take your focus to multi-family or office or whatever. You can; believe it, you can. Imagine if you went to 10 years of medical school only to figure out you prefer to be a lawyer. Cheese and crackers – good luck with that.

Clients are looking for experts.

Yes, despite all the great technology that has been developed in our industry over the past few years, clients still depend on humans to assist them with their commercial real estate needs. Folks still look to you as a resource. You are not a salesman/woman – you are an advisor, a consultant, a thought leader. Commercial real estate grants you this opportunity – it’s up to you to take it.

So, this Thanksgiving holiday, reflect on the abundance of attributes your profession provides. You are the boss, there is no restriction on your earnings, no barriers to your growth and people are looking to you as a trusted resource. That’s quite a lot to be thankful for.

We would love to hear from you and for you to share your ideas and comments on what you are thankful for. Please post a comment below.

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