15 Principles For Being A Broker Freak In CRE

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One year ago… I interviewed Beau Beery. 

A super broker… super athlete… super person. And a real freak (in the best way possible).  

And in today’s Massimo Minute, we’re taking a look at his 15 principles that you can use to dominate your market.

Here’s what we cover: 

1: Get a CRM

2: Invest in a Coach (especially in these times)

3: Tap into Your Genetic Fire

4: Specialize

5: Schedule Deep Work

6: Embrace the 24/7 Mindset

7: Have Ferocious Transparency

8: Prepare for the Worst

9: Prioritize Tasks (meetings, calls, emails, mailings, social media)

10: Being Efficient with Your Time

11: Hire Right

12: Build Your Personal Brand

13: Remove the Haters

14: Focus on 150 Rank A Customers

15: Remember Your Family Is Always First


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