Why Commercial Real Estate Marketing Email Rates are Decreasing

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Are you adapting your campaigns to how your clients receive them?

Are you noticing that your commercial real estate marketing email open and click-through rates aren’t what they used to be?

There could be a variety of reasons for this, but the most important one could be that almost half of your emails are unreadable…

According to HubSpot, 47% of all emails are opened on mobile (and this number is only going to increase).

So, if you aren’t designing your emails to be read on the much smaller mobile screen, your emails will be all but unreadable because your message will appear as tiny type, crowded text, and un-clickable links.

The biggest consideration is the small screen size. You need to account for the fact that there isn’t much real estate (pun intended) to work with. Follow these guidelines to make your commercial real estate marketing email more readable:

Use responsive templates.

Responsive templates, like responsive design, resize to fit the mobile device the email is opened in.

Don’t crowd links.

Because mobile screens are much smaller, build plenty of white space into your email layout to make it more readable and your links more clickable.

Leave space around buttons

If you are using a Call-to-Action or button, make sure there is plenty of space around it and it is big enough to tap with a fingertip (at minimum, a 44 x 44 pixel button).

Use clear and concise message.

Use short and simple sentences and paragraphs that readers can scan and comprehend easily. This will make it much more compatible with the smaller screen.

Avoid using tiny fonts.

Use 12 pt font at a minimum.

The objective is to optimize your open rate, click through rate, and reader engagement so that the recipient actually conducts the desired action. Regardless of the device considerations, when writing your email always focus on your customer or prospect, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “would I open, read, and click on this email?”

“Increasingly, the most effective marketing messages feel less like marketing and more like useful, enjoyable, inspired information your customers and prospects want, conveyed in accessible, human terms.”

~ Brian Conlin, Vocus

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