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What it takes to stand out

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Here is an excerpt from a recent blog post regarding the importance of having and maintaining a social media presence….

  1. Brand is Everything: Yes, SIOR has a very strong brand, and you must leverage it—but how about your brand? According to Gary Vee, this is the great differentiator. Without it, we are all simply commodities. Here is a quick test—what separates you from your competition? Now, are you sure your audience knows this?
  2. Know Where Your Audience Is: Are they on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or somewhere else? First, don’t assume they are not on these platforms—they absolutely are. Males 25-55 are the fastest growing audiences on Instagram, and LinkedIn continues to be the #1 business channel.
  3. Different Messages for Different Channels: As noted above, some channels are for more personal approaches, while others are more business oriented. Don’t put the same message out on all channels.
  4. Be Authentic: This is a hard lesson to learn. Admittedly, most of my original content was so tailored to ultimate professionalism, that it was boring. I have realized the more I am myself, the stronger my ties with my audience.
  5. Get a Team. As I noted above, I have a team of “kids” as I refer to them, all in their 20’s or 30’s, who know the social media game much better than I ever want—or need to. Like you, my time is best spent focusing on other elements of my business. However, creating a digital presence is no longer an option. See point #1. Either you create a personal brand or you get lost in the shuffle.
  6. Give Your Advice Away – What?! This can’t be correct. But it is. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk gives away his entire playbook to social media – an 86 slide deck. We also give away much of our coaching content. For example – want a sure-fire way to increase your commissions? Why? Because Knowing Isn’t Doing (Don’t K.I.D. yourself). The more you give away, the more value you will create for your audience, and the more they will recognize they need your services.

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