Tired of clients with unrealistic expectations?

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Tired of clients with unrealistic expectations?

That was the #1 frustration that came up repeatedly during our live masterclass last week.

Here’s the thing folks — 

Life is far too short to work with people who drain your emotional energy.

When you work with the wrong clients, you’re sacrificing the freedom that comes with a career in commercial real estate.

So for today’s Massimo Minute, I’m sharing the replay from last week’s masterclass where we went over the step-by-step process for identifying, filtering, and working with your ideal clients.

Here’s what we cover: 

1: The mindset you need to have to work with your ideal clients

2: What to do if you’re frustrated with the fees you’re generating

3: How to handle clients who are draining your emotional energy

4: The steps you can take today to start working with better clients

5: How to get off the transaction treadmill and gain margin back in your life

6: Exercises that will help you identify your ideal clients 

7: Steps to screen your prospects and filter out low-quality opportunities

8: Why you need to start working 6 months out (especially with the decreases in deal velocity)

9: A unique opportunity to get coached by me


Create your prospecting playbook and marketing collateral to attract your ideal clients

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