This Sales Method Guarantees You Will Close More Clients

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Have you been having difficulty with Sales Calls? Has it been challenging to communicate value to your prospects?

We have been there. And, we have you covered.

On this week’s installment of the Massimo Minute, we have a very special guest Ray Senn who also happens to be the newest member of our sales team!

He is here today to discuss the all-important sales call and the strategy that has produced fantastic results for him (that’s why he is on our team now).

Ray will be going over his universally applicable technique known as the 90/10 Rule.

You will learn:

  1. Proper Sales Call Composition.
  2. How much you should be speaking during a sales call.
  3. What you should be talking about!
  4. How to put yourself in a position to learn your client’s needs.
  5. To effectively show value to prospective clients.


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