The “Waze” App of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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Do you have Waze – the social GPS/mapping/direction tool? My wife introduced it to me this past week as we were driving from Florida to North Carolina for a family trip. At first I thought it was silly, other drivers sharing their experience on the roads, but soon realized how valuable it was. Other Waze users would share when they saw a police officer, or a car on the shoulder of the road. Some would share when they were stuck in traffic and yet others suggested alternative routes they found to be faster.

wave app for commercial real estate

We took one of these alternative routes, based on our faceless new Waze-friend “GoGirl” and she was right, we bypassed thousands of cars sitting on a spring break intensified, jam-packed I-95. During this alternate route, another Waze user noted “dead animal up ahead”. My kids quickly raised their faces from the otherwise unbreakable restraints of their iPads and smart phones and looked out their respective windows. Indeed, there was a dead animal – a ten-foot alligator that was gutted and being placed in a pickup truck. “Cool!” shouted my son before being subconsciously pulled back to his video game. At least my daughter wanted to turn around for another look before continuing to SnapChat on her iPhone.

Being provided validated warning signs and optional routes when driving can save you both time and money -I tend to drive fast, so naturally I hit the brakes when the Waze community informed me “police ahead”. Imagine if you had such an app for your commercial real estate career? Unfortunately, that app is not available as of yet, but here are 3 channels to provide you the information you need to make the most of your CRE journey.

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1) Your pipeline

Your pipeline is the best warning and opportunity app you have. It should signify for you when you are in trouble and highlight where your next transaction opportunity resides.

2) Google alerts

Love them! I have set them for my name, my company name and “commercial real estate” in general. It’s my required reading every Saturday morning. It gives me a pulse of where the market is and who are possible targets for us to reach out to.

google alert

3) Your clients

Your clients are the best resource for telling you (figuratively and literally) what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Your clients and the motivation behind their desire to work with you provides you more opportunity than you probably realize.

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I know you think you are “busy”, but being “busy” is not necessarily being productive. It’s like driving on the interstate. You think you know where you are going, and you believe you can simply go on “cruise control”, but your journey will inevitably run into some bumps. The weather will change; alternative routes need to be considered and if you think you are simply going to cruise throughout the year, then you are setting yourself up for a big accident.  Start looking out for the warning signs, start leveraging your resources, such as your pipeline, Google and your clients to navigate yourself to a great year.

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For additional ways to navigate to your best year yet, give us a call. Click here to schedule a call with one of Massimo Group’s representatives now!

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