The Miracle Equation for Success in CRE

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There are 3 types of CRE professionals in the industry today. 

The Market Leaders

The market leaders aren’t having any problem making money in today’s economy. They’re taking full advantage of the market and doing as many transactions as they can before the next downturn. Unfortunately, these folks are stuck on the transaction treadmill. If they stop working, the cash machine comes to a screeching halt. 

The Plateaued Professionals

There are quite a few mid-career and veteran folks out there who feel like they’re stuck in a rut and getting passed by their peers. They have more knowledge and experience than their competition, but they’re falling behind younger kids who are dominating digital platforms.

The Newbies

Lastly, there are new folks who are eager to secure a strong start to a long career. They have plenty of time but don’t know what to focus on. They need someone to guide them and give them resources to build their pipeline

Regardless of where you are in your career, you should be setting measurable goals that will help you grow to the next level (whatever that level is for you).

Whether your goals are 

  • Growing your GCI to $10 million while working less than 60 hours per week or
  • Building a prospecting system, so you can call 100 qualified prospects per week or
  • Filling your pipeline with high-quality opportunities, so you can grow your GCI to $100k during 2020. 

Once you’ve set specific goals, you can leverage Hal Elrod’s Miracle Equation to achieve them. 

That’s what today’s Massimo Minute is all about. We’re talking about “The two decisions that move your biggest goals from possible, to probable, to inevitable.”

Here’s what we cover: 

1: Hal Elrod’s concept for setting yourself up for a great day and then making it happen with The Miracle Equation

2: Making the decision to have unwavering faith and a commitment to extraordinary effort to move forward

3: The greatest challenge I’m facing in 2019 to help 100 CRE professionals transform their personal real estate practice and create more margin in their lives


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