The Great CRE CRM Debate [REPLAY]

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We had a record turnout for The Great CRE CRM Debate on Thursday!

As always, the live attendees asked some awesome questions.

BUT one thing was PAINFULLY clear…

Most commercial real estate professionals are not leveraging technology as well as they could be.

Utilizing a CRM is one of the best ways to dip your toes into the technology world.

So for today’s Massimo Minute, I’m sharing the replay from Thursday’s CRE CRM Debate.

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Here’s what we cover in The Great CRE CRM Debate:

1: How to best utilize a CRM to prospect for leads.

2: Which features of a CRM you should use to enhance your marketing efforts.

3: How certain CRM solutions provide you with a vital pipeline tracking option.

4: How to leverage your CRM to support communications with your team and your clients.

5: The next steps you need to take to attract and convert more high-quality prospects.


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