The CRE Tournament of the year… Are you voting?

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Over the last few weeks, our clients have been competing in the Massimo March Metrics Madness tournament!

And while we had a ton of fun with the tournament… The REAL goal was to get our folks in front of their prospects and key influencers in their market. 

The result: they earned deals! 

That’s right… While most brokers have been “waiting it out,” these folks have been getting deals! 

And now, it’s time to VOTE for the winner of the official Massimo March Metrics Madness Tournament! 

From the west coast, we have Allen “The Canon” Buchanan of Lee & Associates.

And from the east coast, we have Bob “The Closer” Knakal of JLL.

To cast your vote, either comment your pick for the winner below OR vote in the private CRE Mastery Group.

Here’s what we cover in the video above: 

1: How CRE professionals are staying top of mind with key prospects.

2: How to vote for your favorite broker.

3: How to register for a FREE masterclass with our finalists as they share their strategies from the last 6 weeks and discuss their plans for winning business in the next 6 weeks.


Join the CRE Mastery Group to vote for your favorite broker

Register for the FREE Masterclass where our finalists share their approaches for the last 6 weeks and their strategies for the next 6 weeks

Learn more about the growth strategies these top producers are leveraging 

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