The CRE Storm is Coming

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In this week’s Massimo Minute, I will share the best option for addressing the approaching storm that everyone is forecasting in commercial real estate brokerage. While our industry is by definition, cyclical, it is also predictable. We have been through several cycles before. Some were rather strong and others slight disturbances. No one knows how strong or how long this current cycle will last, but we do know, based on past cycles, what you need to do to ensure you are in a better position to win more listings and representation assignments during and after the storm.

In this Massimo Minute, we cover:

1. How to address every cycle;

2. The 3 key things to do during a market downturn;

3. What happens if you take a reactive vs proactive approach.

Let’s Move Forward, Together!

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Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group

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