The 9th Trait of Brokers Who Dominate

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In my first book, Commercial Real Estate Brokers Who Dominate – 8 traits of top producers, I outlined the key pillars to personal success among CRE professionals.  These 8 traits included:

  • Discipline
  • Orientation to the client
  • Market Presence
  • Industry Focus
  • Navigation of careers
  • Assertiveness
  • Team environment
  • Entrepreneurial perspective

In my second book, Commercial Real Estate Teams Built to Dominate, I shared the 5 proven requirements of building a team that enables commercial real estate professionals to enhance their success and achieve great margin in their personal lives.  That’s right, make more money in less time. I have had the good fortune of both books becoming #1 best-sellers for CRE books on Amazon.

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Over the last 9 years of operating the Massimo Group, there is with no doubt one additional aspect of CRE success that everyone knows, but very few are willing to implement.  The most successful commercial real estate professionals and teams work their butts off.  There is no such thing as a 9 to 5, 5 days a week mentality.  They are committed to their craft and recognize that their greatest advantage is to learn faster than their competition and continually invest in themselves, their business, in terms of both time and dollars.  They work and work hard.  They recognize above all else they earn what they deserve to earn.

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You want greater success in commercial real estate? You want to succeed regardless of market conditions? Get to work!

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