In our recent report, “The 7 Success Secrets of Market Leaders,” we identified 7 characteristics that market leaders exhibit. Knowing how you compare to these best practices will help you grow your business.

The first characteristic that all market leaders share is an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

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Market leaders know what they do well and what they don’t do well.  Market leaders play to their strengths, while knowing how to compensate for their weaknesses.  Playing to one’s strengths means market leaders win more deals, and ultimately, increase the quality of opportunities secured.

When you evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses, it is just as, if not more, important to consider your ‘personal’ traits in addition to your vocational traits. Your vocational traits relate to your CRE management knowledge and skills, while your ‘personal’ traits relate to your natural behaviors.

From a ‘personal,’ natural behavior, perspective, after coaching hundreds of top producing market leaders across North America, The Massimo Group has identified the individual commercial real estate ‘Top Producer’ profile.

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These are people who are generally able to make decisions more rapidly, are persuasive, and are able to find, win and fulfill business.

1) Those top producers tend to be highly “assertive”

This implies they are likely results-oriented and direct. In the commission-based practice of commercial real estate, they are focused on getting deals completed.

2) They are also situationally “social”

This means they are likely able to be social when needed but they don’t have to be the center of attention. You generally won’t find them in the back corner of a networking session, but you won’t necessarily find them in the middle of the room leading a company cheer, either.

3) Top producers are typically low in “calmness”

Not a big surprise here. They tend to be responsive, seek constant change and be fast-paced.

4) Finally, they tend to be low in “conformity”

They are likely self-reliant, individualistic and independent. For example, you will not typically find these folks as non-executive staff on a Fortune 500 company or as an employee in a hierarchical organization like a public CPA firm. If they are in those situations, they are most likely expending a lot of emotional energy to perform well in their roles.

Historically speaking, the nature of the commercial real estate environment, including straight commission, has rewarded those with this ‘Top Producer’ profile.

But if you don’t exhibit these ‘Top Producer’ traits, not to worry. You can still succeed as a CRE professional.

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For example, those people with low sociability do not easily engage in personal interactions. When we coach people like this, we focus on alternative marketing efforts, such as creating a greater online presence.

The Massimo Group has the commercial real estate tools to evaluate strengths and weaknesses; and we have worked with hundreds of these types of candidates – those whose personal traits aren’t naturally aligned with the ‘Top Producer” profile – to not only counter a weakness with a strength but to actually develop personal traits that lead to greater success.

They key, however, is understanding yourself. Understanding your weaknesses in order to counter with your strengths.

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Step #1 to being a market leader is understanding strengths and weaknesses. Download the other Success Secretes of Market Leaders below:

7 Success Secrets of Market Leaders

If you would like to speak with someone at The Massimo Group about how we can work with you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as a CRE professional, contact us today.

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