The 3 Questions Top CRE Producers Are Answering In 2021

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In 2021, Top CRE Producers are answering 3 main questions.

… What’s your goal for 2021?

… What are the lead metrics behind that goal?

… Who’s going to hold you accountable to those goals?

If you have crystal clear answers to each of these questions… 2021 will likely be your best CRE year yet.

Comment your main goal for 2021 below! 

Here are a few lead metrics to get you started:

1: How many deals do you need to transact to hit your financial goals?

2: How many opportunities do you need to convert?

3: How many meetings do you need to have?

4: How many conversations do you need to have?

5: How many calls do you need to make?

6: How many letters and messages do you need to send?


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