The #1 Way Top Producers Grow Their Income

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We saved the best for last in this series!

In today’s Massimo Minute, I’m giving you 4 more ways to maximize your income.

1: Ask for business at the right time.

So many CRE professionals wait too long to ask for business. Every time you are with prospects, you should either ask them for business or define a specific next step. Never let them off the hook by saying, “I’ll call you next week.”   

2: Edit your proposals.

After coaching thousands of your peers, we’ve seen our fair share of proposals. To be frank, they’re all the same. Look at your presentation, your pitch, and your delivery. It is vital that you move all the information about you to the very end. Prospects will not care about you until you’ve proven that you understand their unique situation.

3: Be visible.

It’s so easy to get stuck at your desk making calls, sending emails, and putting out fires. But you need to get out of your office. Every week you should be in at least 2-3 meetings with influencers and prospects.

4: Invest in yourself.

Without a doubt, investing in yourself is the number one way to maximize your income. Your competition knows this. They are becoming more and more valuable by investing in training, workshops, and coaching.

It’s funny, most people would be ecstatic if their stocks or real estate investments produced a 30% return. Meanwhile, our coaching clients who invest in themselves often double, triple, even quadruple their income every year.

If you’re ready to exponentially grow your income, let’s see how coaching can work for you.

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