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So often we find ourselves trying to find the margin in our lives to complete the bare minimum. We over schedule, over promise, and under deliver to the most important person in our lives – ourselves. In today’s Massimo Minute Rod shows what it looks like to create margin in your life for your health and wellness and in your calendar for time to really focus on what is important. When we create this level of self-care we can also rediscover the time and exhilaration for going the extra mile. It becomes exciting and fulfilling to do one more call, one more rep, one more blog post. And in the end, these “one more” moments add up to significant results you can be proud of and actually enjoy. Start small. Make the promise to yourself today to commit to one less thing that doesn’t move the needle forward in your business and your life and one more thing that does.

What you’ll learn: 

  1. What pushing yourself to do “one more” can mean for your business and your life 
  2. The importance of balance so that going the extra mile means results, not burnout 
  3. Why small changes can make a big difference 


Let’s move forward!
Rod Santomassimo 
Founder and President 
The Massimo Group


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