Massimo Group Clients Hit CRE Lottery of $5.2 Billion

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Odds have it that someone will win the estimated $1.3 billion Power Ball Lottery later this week. Heck, it is projected, based on the millions of people who will quickly throw away their hard earned dollars, the jackpot may exceed $1.5 billion.

Why do we get so wrapped up in dreaming of winning? It’s because many believe winning the lottery, of any size, would create a “life transformation”.  I believe in transformation. At the Massimo Group, we help our commercial real estate brokerage clients transform their CRE businesses and, ultimately, their lives.

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In 2015, our coaching clients hit their own CRE Lottery by closing over $5.2 billion in transaction value, as well as a record in commissions earned and average commissions per coaching client. In fact, if our clients were identified as a singular CRE entity, they would be in the top 15 of brokerage firm in the U.S. based on transactions closed.

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Transformation in CRE brokerage is achieved through:

  • Enhancing one’s value proposition
  • Solidifying your prospecting approach
  • Creating a dominating market position
  • Differentiating yourself from your peers
  • Securing a pipeline full of high quality opportunities

Good luck this week in your effort to transform your life. Investing in a lottery ticket, albeit not likely to win, is one way to go. Investing in yourself, however, is not only a lower risk, but a far greater return. How will you invest in yourself this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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