Mark your calendar for March 11th!

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In 2019, I dissected every strategy we use in our coaching programs. And I put the best-of-the-best tactics, tips, and strategies in my new book, Knowing Isn’t Doing.

Folks, this book shares the EXACT Massimo Methods® our coaching clients use to out-earn their peers by more than 7x (while spending LESS time in the office). 

And while the official book launch isn’t until October…

My publisher just gave me the green light to release a LIMITED number of copies on March 11th!

I can’t wait for you to implement these strategies, so you can build the business and life you deserve.

Here’s what we cover: 

1: The details on how you can order your own copy of Knowing Isn’t Doing 

2: How I identified the top strategies independent contractors use to build the business and life they desire

3: Why we share the exact methods our clients use without worrying about the competition


Mark your calendar for March 11th to get your copy of Knowing Isn’t Doing

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