Limited Release of Knowing Isn’t Doing

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Being an independent contractor isn’t easy… 

Every fiber of your success is based on you, your efforts, your vision, and your orchestration of others. 

Which means building your dream business and creating margin in your life is ALL dependent on your ability to implement what you learn. 

In fact, this implementation is what differentiates top producers from everyone else.

And this relentless focus on implementation is why our Massimo Members have an average GCI of $849,047. 

Simply put, we won’t let our coaching clients progress in our programs UNTIL they implement what we share.

And for the first time, I’m sharing the EXACT roadmap we give to our Members. BUT there are only 300 copies available.

Here’s what you’ll get from my next book, Knowing Isn’t Doing

1: A roadmap for growing a sustainable business

2: Building your team of independent contractors (on a budget)

3: Growing your profits while working fewer hours

4: Controlling your pipeline (the lifeblood of your business)

5: Managing your operations effectively 

6: Creating efficient processes 


Join the Massimo Members who have an average GCI of $849,047.00

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