Leading a Brokerage in Today’s Market

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No doubt the Commercial Real Estate industry is a tough one, especially right now. It’s even tougher for leaders. You don’t just have yourself to worry about, but your entire team looks up to you for guidance as well.

And while most leaders are crumbling under the pressures of today’s market, the great leaders — they’re thriving. On Thursday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of CRE’s great leaders and Massimo Coach, Mike Gallegos, CCIM, MCR.

In this Masterclass we lay out everything you need to be doing RIGHT NOW to lead your team to success in today’s uncertain market.

Here’s what we cover:

1: Best practices for managing yourself and your team during times of uncertainty

2: How to leverage today’s obstacles to build a stronger team

3: The daily steps you and your team can take to grow in any market


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How we help brokerage leaders and their teams

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