How Top Producers Are Winning Business In THIS Market (REPLAY)

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It’s such a tired topic, but one that is still so relevant in our current pandemic-driven economy. How do I find success in today’s market?

On top of a drastic market change, we are still getting used to new home office environments, figuring out how to adapt our prospecting and presence initiatives, all while navigating continually changing legislature and an unknown future.

In today’s Massimo Minute, we’re sharing a Masterclass that was held earlier this week as we wrapped up our Massimo March Metrics Madness. We brought together 3 Top Producers, who share exactly what they’re doing in this market that is getting them BIG wins.

Here’s what we cover:

1. 3 approaches to prospecting that are working BECAUSE of the pandemic (4:45)

2. 3 things you would never do in ‘normal business’, but are seeing huge payoffs in the current market (15:10)

3. Ways to utilize your junior team members while working from home (39:30)

4. How to turn a ‘loss’ into a big WIN (58:45)


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