How to Immediately Add High-Quality Opportunities to Your Pipeline Without Stressing over Prospecting Calls

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Let’s face it…

It’s not easy to pick up the phone and ask for business.

Heck, forget about asking for business… Sometimes it’s hard to get past the gatekeeper!

Today’s Massimo Minute is a replay of one of our best prospecting workshops:

How to immediately add high-quality opportunities to your pipeline without stressing over prospecting calls

You will learn what to say, what to ask, and how you can position yourself as an invaluable resource.

If you want to learn who to call every day, join us on November 14-15th in Orlando FL.

Here’s what we cover:

1: Why you should ALWAYS have your prospect list with you

2: The importance of knowing who to call every single day

3: The step-by-step actions you can take to immediately start filling your pipeline

4: A high-level overview of your prospecting playbook

5: How to leave a voicemail that makes your prospects want to call you back

6: 4 mental triggers that get your prospects to say yes

7: The opening statements that will earn the rest of your call

8: 4 prospecting questions that your prospects will actually want to answer

9: How to position yourself as an invaluable resource

10: How to create your personal prospecting playbook


If you’re serious about growing your personal real estate practice… You need a proven prospecting system that works every time.

There has been a huge shift in what works in prospecting. What used to work is simply not as effective.

There are new strategies, tactics, and tools that our Massimo Members use with great success every day.

If you want an inside look at these strategies, tactics, and tools, join us on November 14-15th.    

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