How To Find The Time To Prospect Each Day

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Ever wonder how top producers like Tim Strange, CCIM, SIOR, find the time and motivation to prospect?

Tim is already making quite a few million, yet he still has 9am to 11am blocked out for prospecting every day.

During those 2 hours, if Tim walks away to get coffee or even use the restroom, everyone in the office has permission to send him right back to his phone.

His entire team knows that if he’s not making calls, they’re all losing money.

How does Tim stay so disciplined? In his own words:

I’ve heard it asked, “What would your business be like if you prospected 10-12 hours a week, each and every week?” “If the answer is it would improve it, then do it”. That is my theme for prospecting, like the Nike commercial “JUST DO IT.” – Tim Strange, CCIM, SIOR

I understand that’s easier said than done…

And for most of CRE professionals, 2 hours seems impossible. There’s simply not enough time in the day.

But in today’s Massimo Minute, I share a simple tip that will help you find more time to prospect each day.

Here’s what we cover:

1: Why most people don’t enjoy prospecting.

2: The difference between dialing for a call and dialing for a dollar amount.

3: A tip to find the time and motivation to prospect every day.


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