How NHL Player Joe Rullier Became A Top CRE Producer

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Do you think if you had a few extra bucks at 19 years old, you’d buy a 32-unit apartment complex?

That’s exactly what NHL player Joe Rullier did… 

Instead of spending his money on cars and dinners – he bought a 32-unit apartment complex.  

Fast forward to today… Joe is now one of the world’s top-producing CRE professionals… 

And in today’s Massimo Minute, he’s sharing his secrets to success that you can implement in your personal CRE practice today! 

Here’s what we cover:

1. Joe’s best advice for being successful in CRE

2. How Joe got 32 people to go to work for him (at 19-years old)

3. Joe’s insight on finding and hiring high-performance business coaches

4. Why having a coach makes life easier

5. How Joe continues to find new ways to learn/improve (even at his level)

6. The exact prospecting and marketing process he uses every day

7. The unique structure of his team and the ‘behind-the-scenes’ reasons

8. Joe’s riskiest investment and how he almost went broke

9. The 3 most important factors of success that Joe learned from his time in the NHL



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