Many of the commercial real estate industry’s market leaders, from both revenue and total number of deals, work with The Massimo Group, which often raises the question, why do these market leaders need a real estate coach?

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They already earn an attractive level of commissions, what else could they possibly want to improve upon?

One key characteristic all the best commercial brokers share is their need and desire to improve. Market leaders work with coaches to continually get better.

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Attaining the position as a market leader takes discipline, hard work, and sometimes a little luck. Maintaining this position, however, takes a much greater effort of consistently evaluating the market, the competition, and more specifically, one’s self.

Becoming and maintaining the position as market leader is much more than simply being a top producer. Market leaders:

  • Produce substantially more than their peers
  • Have the most nurturing relationships
  • Work with higher quality clients
  • Leverage a highly functional team, so they may focus on their most productive, impactful and enjoyable aspects of the commercial real estate business

Coaches hold them accountable, help them improve on what they are currently doing well, revisit best practices to ensure they aren’t out of habit, and introduce new CRE management concepts and approaches that will create greater opportunities.

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It is truly a partner relationship, where the real estate coach is completely vested in the market leader’s success. As a result, The Massimo Group’s One-to-One coaching clients earn over 5-times their industry peers.

There are 7 success secrets all market leading commercial brokers implement to keep their dominant market position. Click on the button below to download this list of secrets and see how you stack up against the best.

7 Success Secrets of Market Leaders

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