Imagine getting the exact blueprint for business success from one of the top entrepreneurs of our time…

I’m talking about someone who built and sold a $5 million company by the time he was 18!  

In today’s Massimo Minute, Kevin Harrington shares how he went from making only $1 per hour to creating TWENTY $100,000,000+ companies! 

Here’s what we cover:

1. How Kevin came up with the “magical transformation,” that launched his business to a $5,000,000 valuation, in 3 years.

2. How Kevin went from a California Closets salesman to owning a business franchise brokerage firm at 23

3. How to become a “Shark”

4. The Discovery Channel deal that created the infomercial

5. The 5 P’s that Kevin considers the best ‘success catalysts’

6. The structure of Kevin’s perfect pitch

7. How to raise your profile and become a leader in a market

8. Kevin’s #1 most valuable piece of advice for business owners

9. How strategic partnerships created a $1 billion dollar business in 5 years

10. The extreme importance of having mentors and what they can do for you

11. The 3 words everyone should live by



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