How John McCellan, CCIM, SIOR Became a Top CRE Producer In A Tertiary Market

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What happens when you get fired from counting beans at a chicken farm?

Well… If you’re John McCellan, you “luck” into a career with Henry Hannah and turn yourself into a top producer. 

In today’s Massimo Minute, John McCellan explains how to build a presence in your community and use personal branding to be successful.

Here’s what we cover:

1. How counting beans at a chicken farm led to John meeting one of the most influential people in CRE and designing one of the first CRE CRM systems

2. John’s strategy for developing a deep understanding of your market area

3. John’s favorite deals to handle and why details matter

4. How John differentiates himself from “the big boys” and why his clients are extremely loyal

5. The #1 attribute you need to have to be successful in CRE

6. How to get ahead of your CRE competition

7. How John became the go-to person for questions all around his community

8. Johns most important morning ritual and the consequence of being consistent

9. John’s unique approach to prospecting

10. The two most important factors to understand when either joining a team or adding a team member

11. Johns most valuable piece of advice to being successful in CRE



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