How Beth Azor Became A Top CRE Producer

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Going to the ‘right’ school and getting the ‘right’ job doesn’t make you successful… 

Success comes from choosing the ‘right’ things to focus on AND having the grit to consistently move forward every day.

In today’s Massimo Minute, I’m sitting down with someone who has more grit then most — 

CRE legend Beth Azor is sharing how she manages it all… from owning 6 shopping centers to teaching agents all over the country AND making it home for dinner with her 2 teenage boys. 

Here’s what we cover:

1: How Beth went from cleaning buildings to owning buildings and transforming lives

2: The big “WOW!” moment that skyrocketed Beth’s CRE career

3: How stand out from all the commodities in the CRE industry

4: Why you need to pay attention to the “Retail Renaissance”

5: The new sheriff in the Commercial Retail Space

6: The 4 F words that describe the future of shopping centers

7:  What we should have learned from 2015’s massive underground shift

8: Why millennials are a perfect indicator for the future of commercial real estate

9: How Beth structures each day and week

10: The tech tools Beth uses to dominate her market

11: The 2 single most important factors for success that anyone can do right now


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