How Allen Buchanan, SIOR, Became a Top CRE Producer

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Being a 7-figure producer isn’t easy. 

But it is simple.

You need a proven strategy and consistent daily effort.

In today’s Massimo Minute, Allen Buchanan, SIOR is sharing the key strategies that turned him into a top producer.  

Here’s what we cover: 

1: How Allen went from bottling Dr. Pepper to being his own boss

2: Allen’s strategy for succeeding after he was given a desk, phone, and phone book

3: The 3 key decisions that doubled Allen’s GCI 

4: Allen’s Not-To-Do-List  

5: The pivotal moment when you realize “If you do not have an admin, you are one”

6: The #1 way to differentiate from your CRE competitors

7: How to craft your personal brand in CRE

8: The power of collaborating with other CRE brokers

9: The impact of consistently creating mini 1-2 minute YouTube videos 

10: Why Allen no longer relies on referrals to grow his business

11: Allen’s prospecting playbook

12: The ONE thing that generates success in CRE


#CRE Tuesday Traffic Tips With Allen Buchanan 

A Proven Strategy For Becoming A Top Producer

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