Free Prospecting Insights From the World’s #1 Sales Expert – Jeb Blount

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After making hundreds of thousands of cold calls, writing 12 best-selling books, having 26 million podcast downloads, and creating the world’s most-visited sales website… 

Jeb Blount has discovered the 11 words that will have the biggest impact on your business this year — 

“When it is time to go home, make one more call”

And in today’s Massimo Minute, Jeb is sharing his insights on prospecting, untangling entrepreneurial emotions, and revealing his “high-impact” techniques.

Here’s what we cover:

1. The story that unleashed Jeb’s world-class salesmanship

2. The effects of being coachable

3. Jeb’s most powerful prospecting technique

4. The easiest way to talk to people

5. Top 3 ways to spend your time

6. Jeb’s “old frog” approach to cold calls

7. The 3 B’s of prospecting and Jeb’s 5-step framework

8. How to remove “commission breath” from your calls

9. The #1 psychology tip every salesman needs to know

10. The shocking symptoms of an empty/full pipeline

11. The powerful side-effect of Jeb’s company culture

12. How to easily come out on top during this pandemic

13. Why knowing isn’t doing


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