Forget the Election – Here Is the One Thing You Can Control

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Thank goodness after tonight all this madness will be over.  Many of us will be very disappointed, and many of us will be relieved, I am not sure most of us will be ecstatic.  I believe all of us have lost in one way or another during what I consider to be the lowest point in Presidential politics in my lifetime.

Many of us will vote for change, some will vote out of pure fear, while others are truly dedicated to their candidates.  However, beyond who is elected as our next President, we all still have control over the most important item of all.

I went back into my video archives to find a message that is definitely more appropriate today than when it was first published.

Below is a short video highlighting one approach to control your future, regardless of who is in the White House this winter.

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  1. Absolutely! I have survived in the past when my Presidential pick was not in the White House I will survive in the future when my Presidential pick is not in the White House. The outcome of tonight’s election will not determine my future. The only person I control is the person in the mirror!

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