Can Social Media Help You Secure Higher Quality CRE Assignments?

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Most CRE professionals have tried “online marketing” in some capacity.

But after a few dry months… 

They defeatedly walk away or angrily shake their fists declaring, “SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN’T WORK IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE!”

But then I see messages like this in our private CRE Mastery Facebook Group — 

So how is it possible that some people never see any return from social media while others are using it to sweep their market?

Here’s what most people don’t realize…  

There is a difference between presence and prospecting.

And there is a lag time between your effort and your results.

If you’re brand new to the online marketing world… 

It will take some time to learn a new platform.

Then it takes time to build a targeted audience and craft messages that resonate with that audience.

I’m not saying YOU need to be the one putting in that time. Your time is best spent focusing on other elements of your business.

But if you or someone on your team isn’t laying the foundation today… You’re going to be competing with 1 arm tied behind your back during the 2020s.

Because, to be frank, technology and social media are only getting bigger.  

It’s no longer okay to rely on referrals. 

It’s not even okay to rely on your phone dials (especially cold calling – NO ONE should be cold calling).

As we get closer to the last Q4 of this decade…

You either need to create an online presence or accept the harsh reality that you are going to be lost in the shuffle during the 2020s.

If you need a bit of help creating your online presence, comment below, and our team will send resources for your specific situation. 

Let’s move forward! 


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