Are You in the Money Zone?

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In the last ninety days, our coaching clients earned 72.3 Million dollars of commissions and fees with the single biggest fee being 1.6 million. We call that The Money Zone!

In this Massimo Minute, we break down:
– The top sources of this income for our brokers
– Why the money is coming from those specific sources and how to make that happen for you
– What you should be doing each day to increase your margins in these areas

Bonus: A BIG resource for moving the needle forward in your business

Here’s what we cover:

1: The top sources of income for our brokers
2: What you should be doing every day that puts you in the Money Zone
3: A brand new resource from The Massimo Group that will help you make the most out of 2022

Let’s move forward!

Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group


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