Are you Drifting or are you Drafting?

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We recently held a Webinar (with record-breaking attendance) to introduce Mid-Career CRE Professionals to our CRE Accelerator program. One of the things that we asked them was: Are you drifting or are you drafting

Are you drifting?  Are you reactive to the market, your prospect, and your clients? Are you telling yourself “I’m good” or “I’m fine”?  Are you blaming others or the market for your personal success?.   

  • Drafting: Have curiosity, know they want to be better; they want to leverage all the success, experience, and skills that they’ve attained in their career – and figure out how to get the most out of that

Instead, we encourage you to be drafting.  Leverage all your success, experience, and skills and then become curious.  How else can you grow?  Take stock of your opportunities. Creating patterns of success in your daily and business lives that will create margin in your personal lives.   Align with someone that will help you accelerate to greater levels of success, and yes, income. 

In this Massimo Minute we’ll cover: 

1: The dangers of drifting/indecisive behaviors. 
2: The benefits of drafting a coach 
3: Identify the opportunity Q4 presents to end on a strong note and set yourself up in the coming year to make plans and decisions in your business.


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