Are You a Resource?

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I’d like to say that things are getting back to normal but the truth is there are still a lot of unknowns as we make our way into the fall.

But one thing is vastly different from last year: we know more! And we also know knowledge is power.

The biggest thing we learned last year at the Massimo Group is that the brokers who took the time to focus on their presence in the marketplace, particularly as a resource for their clients and peers, have come out on top. Some even had their best year yet. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic!

So to drive home just how important this is we are revisiting our Massimo Minute Series about Your Personal, Physical, and Digital Presence in the marketplace.

We’ll cover:

1: The sections of the Massimo Presence Pyramid 
2: How “getting known” is different than your sales  
3: Effective ways to impact your presence
4: ROI: Return on Involvement

Let’s move forward!

Rod Santomassimo 
Founder and President 
The Massimo Group


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