A Troubling Trend In CRE

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After spending the last few weeks on Clubhouse…

I’ve noticed a troubling trend…

There are a lot of CRE folks devoting HOURS of their personal lives to Clubhouse chats.

We’re talking about late night chat, weekend chats, early morning coffee chats.

You name it, and there’s a chat.

So in today’s Massimo Minute, I challenge you to put the phone down and… 

#1: Spend time with the people who matter most in your life

#2: Prospect for business (if you need a CRE Prospecting Playbook, email me)

#3: Read a book

If you’re not sure which books to read, I’ve listed 3 below that are perfect for CRE professionals. I’d love to say that I’m not biased… But hey, they are best sellers:)

#1: Brokers Who Dominate

Uncover the strategies and tactics, marketing approaches, prospecting platforms, and support structures of some of the most successful CRE brokers in North America.

#2: Teams Built To Dominate 

Create or improve your own successful CRE team, so you can grow your overall income, do more of what you do best, and gain control over your life. 

#3: Knowing Isn’t Doing

Get everything you need to transform your business into a consistent income generator, affording you the opportunity to achieve the personal life you desire.

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