5 Biggest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Challenges

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Earlier this year, we asked the commercial real estate brokers in the industry’s leading Facebook Community, CRE Mastery, what their top concerns were. We offered a series of responses for them to select based on some of the more common challenges we hear when people engage in our coaching programs. The top 5 answers were:

In this article:

  1. Finding Properties for My Clients
  2. Converting Prospects to Clients
  3. Finding Enough Hours in the Day
  4. Getting My Listings Sold
  5. Filling My Pipeline for the Future

Top Answers from Commercial Real Estate Brokers


1. Finding properties for my clients

No doubt a challenge for most buy-side brokers in today’s market. 1031 exchanges and exposing them to properties outside the local market is the first step. I would argue a first step would be not to represent uncontrollable buyers but instead pursue exclusive listings.

2. Converting prospects to clients

Converting prospects to clients | Biggest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Challenges in 2018 | cre

This is always a challenge in any business, but the key to the conversion is knowing what this particular prospect is dealing with and trying to solve.

3. Finding enough hours in the day

This is not an issue of time management, but more of calendar segmentation and delegation.

4. Getting my listings sold

Saleable listings are positioned correctly. Prices are in line with the ever-changing market and marketing throughout all available channels, including brokerage cooperation.

5. Filling my pipeline for the future

Remember the 3 keys to the commercial real estate brokerage continuum – Find, Win, Fulfill. Every day you must be completing each of these three steps, or you risk your pipeline drying up quickly.

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