4 Tips To Get Prospects To Read Your CRE Newsletters

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Today’s Massimo Minute is all about your newsletters! 

Whether you’re doing e-newsletters or physical mailings, you want to send content that positions you as a thought leader in your market. 

But more importantly, you want to make sure your newsletter gets read!

Because getting people to read your newsletters will have a domino effect 

Your presence will expand.

Your prospecting will become easier.

You will get more meetings/listings.

Which means you will make more money and have more time. 

All from these simple little tips.

Here’s what we cover: 

1: How to position yourself as a thought leader in your marketplace

2: The #1 mistake to avoid when sending your newsletters

3: How to become a translator who distills complex data into easy-to-read bits 

4: The #1 hack for ‘shortening’ your content

5: The real purpose of newsletters

6: How to personalize content so your reader clearly sees what’s in it for them


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