The Simplest Way to Improve Your CRE Brokerage Results

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I have one, albeit major, pet peeve when it comes to coaching commercial real estate brokers. And this one habit from our clients, and most CRE brokers for that matter, that drives me completely insane.

In fact, this is one habit of a select few that our CRE Results Guarantee is predicated on. Yes, it is that important to brokerage success.

And why it drives me crazy is that when done, and done consistently and correctly, the impact on a brokerage career is exponential.

We find, of the thousands of commercial real estate broker clients that we coach, when they do this one thing, they make exponentially, greater commissions, than those who do not do it.

Learn what that is in today’s Massimo Minute.

Let’s Move Forward, Together!

Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group

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