“The Massimos” in Review

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In this week’s Massimo Minute we are bringing you a look back at Thursday night’s Celebration of Transformation – The Massimos!

It was an incredible evening of updates, success stories, and special guests and we are delighted to bring you a small piece of what was a truly inspiring evening.

The best thing about this celebration – it’s still happening! Our coaches, Rod, and the rest of the team are always encouraging and supporting our members as they make incredible strides towards the businesses and lives they desire.

If you’re interested in more support, instruction, and accountability in your CRE career we’re ready to help!

Here’s what we cover: 
1: Huge awards for our top-performing members, partners, and coaches. 
2: An look at what’s been going on for The Massimo clients the year 
3: Great nuggets of wisdom from an incredible sales presentation

Let’s move forward!

Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group


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