The #1 High-Impact Operating Manual for High-Achieving Entrepreneurs

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Over the course of 35+ plus years as an author, speaker, consultant, owner, CEO, COO, and CFO, I’ve learned quite a bit about growing businesses. 

After growing my own multi-million dollar business and helping thousands of entrepreneurs reach 6 figures, hundreds reach 7 figures, and an admirable amount get to 8 figures – I noticed some patterns. 

I decided to create the ultimate roadmap that will turn your chaos into clarity and confusion to confidence. 

In today’s Massimo Minute, I’ll share how my book Knowing Isn’t Doing (available Thursday, October 1st) provides you with everything you need to transform your business into a consistent income generator.

Here’s what we cover: 

1. A free sample audio chapter from my book Knowing Isn’t Doing

2. What to think about to adapt to new market changes

3. How to reset and reposition your practice

4. How to accelerate your success with a proven plan and proper execution

Now, Folks…

I have good news and I have bad news… 

Bad news first.

My book launch date is no longer on October 6th… 

Good news next.

My book launch date is now October 1st! 

To celebrate the new launch, I invite you to join me at 1 PM EDT on Thursday, October 1st  while I interview a panel of professionals who used lessons in my book to adapt their business this summer and see exactly what steps they took and implement them in your practice today. 

Click here to reserve your spot!

If you’d like to purchase 10+ copies of Knowing Isn’t Doing, just send me an email at [email protected]

I’ll see you next Thursday!

Let’s move forward,



[10/1 Webinar 1 pm EDT] Learn How Top Producers Strengthened Their Business This Summer 

Free Audio Chapter Of My New Book Knowing Isn’t Doing

Free 1-on-1 Strategy Session to get a blueprint for becoming a top producer 

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