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Outsource It! Get the Right Numbers and Get Those Meetings

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Outsource support for your team to expand your prospect list and secure more meetings! Find out how outsourcing can help you spend more valuable time practicing your team’s core competencies here.

Outsource Tasks and Focus on More Important Tasks at Hand

Don’t Get Wrong Numbers

Hi, this is Rod Santomassimo with the Massimo Minute and earlier this week, we did a prospect call blast with a bunch of our clients and said, “Hey, let’s get on the phone. Let’s start practicing our opening statements, articulating our value proposition and securing meetings.” Lo and behold, I find out, one individual comes back and says, “I had a bunch of wrong numbers.”

How can you have a bunch of wrong numbers? How can you waste your time going forth and not have the right information? More importantly, don’t tell me you researched the numbers. Your time is too valuable as a sales professional, a business development professional, whatever your role might be.

Where to Look for Effective Outsourcing Services

There are so many sources today, whether it is something like a Leverage.com or an Elance.com or many of those outsourcing vehicles. We can go ahead, get your list, and have it validated by folks across the globe for very little money.

So, for the Massimo Minute today, if you find yourself not having the right numbers to call, outsource it. Watch the video below to give you an idea of outsourcing and how it can help free your in-house team from non-core activities.



Don’t let your team get stuck with calling wrong numbers and getting all the wrong information. Getting third-party providers to validate the information you have or do non-core tasks like data entry will give you and your team more valuable time to work on your core competencies and become more productive with value. Get the right numbers and get those meetings!

Do you know the 4 prospecting questions prospects love to answer? Trying to figure out how to get your prospects to open up to you?  In this free webinar session, Massimo Group COO Bo Barron shares the 4 golden questions you can use to take control of the conversation, and up your prospecting game. Watch the webinar here.

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