Massimo Multi-Family Listing Masterclass

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In today’s market, multifamily properties are realizing historically high valuations and are selling⁠
at a record pace.⁠

So, you should try and win as many listings as you can for these properties, right? ⁠

Yes, but there’s a problem…⁠

Many assets are selling directly, owners are refusing to sell, and still, more and more multifamily brokers are losing out on listing opportunities.⁠

That’s why we’re excited to announce: ⁠

The Massimo Multi-Family Listing Masterclass!⁠

For the first time ever we are offering this program to the public, to put you in a position to win more Multifamily Exclusive listings and have the confidence to command higher fees!⁠

Register Now! 

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

1: From top multifamily brokers in North America on how to position yourself to win more
2: The Proven Prospecting Approaches to Secure Exclusives.
3: Tactics while roleplaying with Rod Santomassimo, Founder of the Massimo Group

Let’s move forward!


Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group


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