How to Go From the ‘Unknown Underdog’ to an Asset Joe Montana Relies on

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When opportunity knocks, you don’t answer the door – you rip it off its hinges.

That’s what JJ Birden did when he beat the .08% odds of playing in the NFL.

He threw the odds out the window and now will forever be known as “one of the greats.”

In today’s Massimo Minute, JJ Birden shares the simple, yet extraordinarily powerful, tool he used to develop the habit of turning obstacles into “break-through” moments.

Here’s what we cover: 

1. Why the odds of success are irrelevant

2. The extreme importance of controlling your thoughts

3. Why you need to pay extra attention to mastering fundamentals

4. The deep meaning behind F.A.S.C.O

5. What most successful people have

6. How to create more breakthrough opportunities in your life

7. JJ’s tool for making “the process” easier

8. How to identify and take advantage of “championship-moments”

9. Why having a fear-list is necessary


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