How ChatGPT Will Change CRE Brokerage Forever

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In this week’s Massimo Minute, I will share a quick example of how the latest craze, ChatGPT will change the commercial real estate brokerage industry, and for the better.

We are at the forefront of the emergence of artificial intelligence impacting the brokerage industry. For those who are old enough, this is as exciting if not more so, than when “email” was brand new.

I recorded a very short, yet profoundly valuable video on one of the millions of ways ChatGPT will make your brokerage lives easier.

In this Massimo Minute, we cover:

1. How ChatGPT can write an email to attract prospects to your properties
2: How ChatGPT can quickly create powerful email subject lines
3: A summary of REALLY amazing things ChatGPT can do to change how you practice your commercial real estate brokerage.

Let’s Move Forward!

Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group


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