Four Words

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What if we told you that all you needed were 4 simple words to fill your pipeline, to increase engagement, to build better relationships, or to be seen as a resource to your community? 

A while ago Rod was getting started with a podcast interview and before they even started recording his guest said “Hey, let me ask you something…How can I help?” 

At first, Rod was confused by the question, unsure what their angle or intent was. But they explained that they understood that Rod was running a business, and that comes with challenges. They offered connections and resources but really, they wanted to learn about Rod’s unique challenges so they knew precisely how they could help. 

So often we think we know what our clients need and what their pain points are. But this week, what if instead of telling them what you were going to do for them, you asked them “How can I help?

Here’s what we cover:

  1. The 4 words that can change your business
  2. What it sounds like to ask your clients what they need
  3. A better way to learn what is holding your clients back


Let’s move forward!
Rod Santomassimo 
Founder and President 
The Massimo Group


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