In this week’s Massimo Minute, I will share the greatest commercial real estate conference elements that I have ever experienced, and you can experience them all in one single event.

Over the last 30-plus years of my, on-again, off-again, commercial real estate career I have been to countless conferences, both in and outside of the industry. Today I am going to share the 7 best elements of each and more importantly how you
can experience all seven in a singular, career-changing event.

In this Massimo Minute we cover:
1: What brokers are so successful; they have no fear of sharing your secrets
2: Who is the authority, in becoming an authority
3: Why I can guarantee attendees, maybe you, a high-impact experience

I hope to see you in Dallas in November!

Let’s move forward!
Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President
The Massimo Group


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