7 Figure Prospecting Strategies w/Jeb Blount & CRE Legends

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Jeb Blount is one of the world’s most respected thought leaders on sales and virtual selling, typically coaching C-suite executives at companies like Coca-Cola and Verizon. 

His website is the most visited sales-based website in the world.

Would you take selling advice from him? 

How about in person?

In today’s Massimo Minute, we’re going to explore why CRE Ready 2021 is the only time face-to-face coaching from our Certified Massimo Coaches, Jeb Blount, and other top producing market leaders will be available, all at once.

Here’s what we cover: 

1. Why you need professional coaching from our Certified Massimo Coaches

2. Proprietary Massimo Prospecting methods 7 figure producers use

3. Exactly how to control a conversation and who to contact

4. Why our members out-earn their peers by 7x

5. Methods 3,150+ of our members use to reach an average GCI of $849,047

December 9th and 10th are the only two days in the 12-year history of the Massimo Group that you can be coached in a 4:1 coaching ratio by our certified coaches, Jeb Blount, and other 7-figure producers like Bob Knakal, Beau Beery and Allen Buchanan.

This will not happen again.

Registration closes in 3 days – I highly suggest you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

If you have more than 3 years of commercial real estate experience and have never been a client of the Massimo Group, then you are eligible to apply.

Only 50 spots will be filled, and limited seats are available.

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Knowing Isn’t Doing Makes a Great Gift for Your Team and Your Clients!


Secure Your Ticket To CRE Ready 2021 – Prospecting In The New Market, Today! 

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