10 Business Travel Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

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I ripped my hamstring this past week racing between gate A26 and gate F4 in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. For those of you who have traveled through Atlanta, you can appreciate the distance between these two concourses and their respective gates. The pain of the sniper-like attack on my right hamstring was only enhanced by the fear that my carry-on luggage, which I had inadvertently left in the overhead bin of the first plane, was now 30,000 feet above Orlando.

Business Travel Tips | Guide For All CRE Pros To Live By

In this article:

  1. A Turn For The Better
  2. Files Up In The Clouds
  3. Power Cords Are Lifesavers
  4. Backup Power For Your Business Trip Packing List
  5. Keeping A Travel Itinerary
  6. Take Your Client’s Info On Your Business Trip
  7. You’re Never Overpacked For A Business Trip
  8. Essential Toiletries Will Save You
  9. Take The Time To Read
  10. Shut Out The Noise On Your Business Trips
  11. Keep Your Enemies Close, And Your Snacks Closer


A Turn For The Better

When traveling across the country, as I was this past Wednesday, I generally wear very comfortable clothes that would otherwise be inappropriate for the keynote speech I was giving at a major commercial real estate conference the next morning. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve my luggage and limp back to my second flight on time to make my next 4-hour flight, in a middle seat no less!

The next day’s presentation went very well, as measured by how I felt, how the audience responded, and the many emails I received afterward. Despite my physical pain, I could look back and say the trip was a success. But then again, I have learned over the many miles and iterations, how to handle the stress of travel and get into position for more successful results.

Here are a few approaches I take before making a short (1 to 2 days) business trip. I share these with you in hopes they may bring more success, if not a good laugh.

1. Files Up In The Clouds

Files are saved on my MS Surface Pro 3, also on a backup flash drive and in the cloud. Luck has it, my surface was infected with the hotel’s Wi-Fi on the morning of the presentation. No problem. I simply used the client’s laptop to retrieve the presentation from the cloud. I also have PDF copies of each to share with our clients and provide them afterward.

2. Power Cords Are Lifesavers

Telephone and MS Surface power cords are always in my carry-on luggage. All it takes is one canceled flight, or worse, sleeping in an airport (I have done this 3 times) to realize the value of having power all the time.

3. Backup Power For Your Business Trip Packing List

I carry two backup power sticks always. A smaller one in my briefcase and a larger one in my carryon. They are both fully charged the night prior. These come in handy when you are sitting on the tarmac for hours at a time.

4. Keeping A Travel Itinerary

Keeping A Travel Itinerary | Business Travel Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals | travel tips

Even if I am taking a cab, MapQuest maps/directions from the airport to the hotel or client location are printed. In some cities, such as New York, Chicago, and even Minneapolis, trains are sometimes quicker and cheaper than a cab. I have these maps printed as well. Hotel information with confirmation and rewards numbers are printed and sent to my phone. My boarding passes are both printed and sent digitally to my phone. Again, you never know when your phone may run out of power.

5. Take Your Client’s Info On Your Business Trip

It is printed with a copy of the original proposal. Client profiles are added with their pictures. Ever see someone and you forget their name? Ouch!

6. You’re Never Overpacked For A Business Trip

Beyond the essential stuff – always 2 suits, ties, and shirts, even on 1-night stay trips. Overkill you say? Last year I was preparing for a client meeting, sitting at my hotel desk and as I went to stand up, the desk drawer handle snagged my left pants’ pocket and ripped the entire seam. Really, I can’t make this stuff up.

7. Essential Toiletries Will Save You

Always have a “travel” pack versus using your primary toiletries. Razors, blades, shaving cream, soap, shampoo, contacts, and even a backup portion of any medications. Heck, I am a male over 50 – I could open a drug store.

8. Take The Time To Read

And lots of it. Whether from your physical “one day I will get to” pile or on your tablet, pack lots of reading materials. After you have prepped for your meeting or presentation, you can either watch TV in your hotel room or read something that will propel your business forward. For me this week, it was a physical copy of Success Magazine and 2 books on the Kindle App on my MS Surface (Essentialism and Drive).

9. Shut Out The Noise On Your Business Trips

Shut Out The Noise On Your Business Trips | Business Travel Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals | travel itinerary

Traveling is a great time to focus on a project, or perhaps get in a quick nap to offset the 4:00 am alarm to catch the first flight out. My Bose headphones are a must. Plus, it is a subtle hint to the lady sitting next to you that you don’t want to hear about the ten cats she left back at home.

10. Keep Your Enemies Close, And Your Snacks Closer

Yes, plane food has actually gotten much better, but not necessarily healthier. A banana, apple, or even nuts are easy to pack. A low-sugar energy bar is always a good choice. As far as eating out while traveling – you know what is, as my wife calls “a safe choice”, and what is not. Airport sushi anyone? When it comes to alcohol, it’s never a good choice on a plane trip and rarely a “safe choice” with clients. You know who you are if you have ignored this last suggestion.


Time to learn how to pack your things nice n’ snug for your business trip in this video from MR PORTER:

Traveling can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. Now if I can only get one of my kids to pay attention to me and get me a new bag of ice for this hamstring, Nope, looks like another long limp to the freezer. It beats the walk from concourse A to concourse F.

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  1. Yep……An extra suit is essential. I had the zipper in my suit fail in the ATL airport. The zipper broke. Would not go up. I just carried my coat draped over the front of my trousers as I went to my next plane. I bought a new sport coat at my destination to wear with some khaki trousers for my next appointment.
    Great advice.

  2. When traveling east over multiple time zones and on an overnight flight, do not try to sleep upon your arrival. Rather, plan to stay awake. You may fall asleep at some point during the day, but only take a short nap so as not to alter your normal bed time. By the next morning, your body will be back on its normal schedule.

  3. As one who travels with prescription meds, I always carry them in a separate nylon pouch in my carry on with a sheet describing relevant medical information and emergency contacts in case of an issue in a unfamiliar place. And I take a few protein bars and other quick snacks for backup.

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